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Are you ready to take your path deeper into your health and wellness listening more deeply to your body, grounding, and living more fully in this world?

Starting with Personal sessions with Jen, spiritually infused wellness consultant is the quickest way to learn. Request a 15 minute free session or jump into a 30 minute or full session. Inquire about upcoming classes or pre-register now by email.

Jen Heine MPH – Holistic Wellness Expert

Living from the heart by allowing my intuition, love for life and exploration to guide you has only been possible with the support, guidance, and blessings of all the loving spiritual teachers I have in my life. They have nurtured my interdependence and live as examples to us all of what is possible when we let go of our limitations.

My knowledge of nutrition (BS Nutrition & MPH Nutrition) evolved into an understanding of the relationship with my own whole being so that I may better understand how to teach you. My previous experiences as a dietitian and Taoist apprentice grew into my current expression sharing holistic wellness, arts and inspiration in a way that brings you more deeply into yourself to discover your own Truths. I started meditation when was 15 years old and continued to practice, then learned methods from Tibetan Buddhism and Taoism along with other esoteric methods. The further along in my experience, realizing one’s true nature, deepened also my understanding that how well we care for ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually – in all aspects are equally important along with our connection and relationship to earth, food is earth, life is spirit. Food is medicine – medi means middle, cine means movement, energy that moves you from the Heart. What nurtures you is love. I’ve developed a way of helping you connect more deeply starting with what you eat. I’m excited to share with you my expertise, taking your relationship with the earth to a new level of life. I can be called a Spirit Living Guide, Spiritually Infused Wellness Expert, Nutrition Consultant, Artist or Friend.

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Love and Gratitude to All Beings

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